Gas Analyzers

In-Situ Analyzer

In-Situ Analyzer

In-situ gas analyzers are available in both cross duct and probe versions for installation from one side. They offer low maintenance and very short response times. Gases include SO2, NO2, NH3, NO2, CO, CO2, HF, O2, & HCL.

PDF GM-32 In-Situ SO2,NO, NO2,NH3 (PDF - 803KB)
PDF GM-35 CO, CO2, H2O (PDF - 653KB)
PDF GM-700 HF,HCL,NH3 Laser (PDF - 668KB)

Extractive Analyzer

Extractive gas analyzers offer single or simultaneous measurement (up to 3 gases) with UV technology (SO2, NO2, Cl1, NH3, CS2, H2S, & O3), flame ionization (total hydrocarbons), current probe (O2), infrared (Ch4, CO, CO2, NO, SO2), & calorimetric (H2S).

PDF Defor Extractive Analyzer (PDF - 325KB)
PDF Sidor Infrared Extractive Analyzers (PDF - 193KB)
PDF EuroFid Extractive Analyzer (PDF - 1MB)
Extractive Analyzer
Multi-Component Analyzer

Multi-Component Analyzer

Continuous, extractive multi-component analyzer systems are tailored to your requirements for emissions and process gas monitoring. Gases include HCL, SO2, CO, NO, H2O,CO2, O2, NO2, NH3, & N2O.

PDF MCS 100-E Multicomponent Analyzer System (PDF - 619KB)

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